Kron Stone was one of Miguel O'Hara's nightmares during high school, a bully used to do whatever he wanted thanks to the influence of his father, Tyler Stone, ready to solve any trouble the son caused. One evening, Kron was tormenting the lab animals in an Alchemax laboratory, using the powerful instruments found there. While toying with a gene splicer, Stone was strucked by a sudden surge of energy, resulting in an explosion, and his DNA was fused with the one of a lab scorpion. The incident transformed Stone in a hulkling and monstrous beast, with his reason lost and the powerful instinct of an arachnid to guide him.


Scorpion's DNA provides Kron with superhuman strength, speed, stamina and reflexes, the ability to stick to every surface and to emit acid from his mouth. He's got a sharp and poisonous stinger at the end of his long and strong tail, and his right hand has been transformed into a giant claw.

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