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Kron Stone had a similar life as his mainstream counterpart; son of Alchemax Director Tyler Stone and Miguel O'Hara's half-brother, Kron, with the Venom Symbiote, became a member of the Sinister Six in the year 2099.[1]

At unspecified time, the Sinister Six took control of Alchemax, removing the CEO from his role; during this time, his father Tyler Stone also disappeared.[2]

When an alternate version of Miguel ended up in this timeline, Kron, as Venom, and the Doctor Octopus captured him and took him to the Alchemax Tower, where it was revealed that Kron knew Spider-Man's secret identity; however, Miguel was freed by Payback.[2]

Later Miguel, Payback, Firelight and the Goblin, who was revealed to be a member of the resistance, Father Jennifer D'Angelo, fought the Sinister Six in the final battle at the Alchemax Tower; all the resistance, except for Miguel, who returned alive in the present, was terminated by the Six.[3]

Kron, along the remaining five members of the Sinister Six, was recruited by Venture as a member of the The Fist in the past.[3]



Seemingly those of Kron Stone of Earth-928 when bonded to Venom.


Seemingly those of Kron Stone of Earth-928 when bonded to Venom.

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