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Kronas Corporation
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Headquarters in Mongolia, China, later Roxxon HQ in New York City

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Captain America Vol 5 5


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After the fall of the Soviet Union, former KGB general Aleksander Lukin set about building a business organization to fund his shadowy efforts to destroy the United States, the country that had wrecked his homeland. He financed the company by selling a cache of specialist and superhuman artifacts he had looted from the archives of the KGB.

Kronas was presumably a successful concern, but was unimportant to the world at large until Lukin acquired the Cosmic Cube. Using its reality-warping powers, Lukin expanded the money available to Kronas, allowing them to buy Roxxon Oil, and many others, insulating them from prosecution in the US.[1]

However, along the way, Lukin was forced into an alliance with the Red Skull, who was sharing his body. Luckily for both, they were able to put aside their disagreements with the situation to focus on their goal - using Kronas as their weapon to bring about the destruction of the democratic capitalist system, and the death of its champion, Captain America.

Between Avengers Disassembled and the Siege of Asgard, the plan was enacted, but by the time of the Siege, Lukin and the Red Skull were dead, and Kronas was being investigated for ties to terrorism. If the company still exists, it is in a far lesser state than its glory days.


  • List of one-time Kronas subsidiaries
    • Roxxon Oil - bought by Kronas. Presumably reverted to independence when Kronas was being investigated, as confirmed by Dario Aggar [2]
    • Kane-Meyer Security - a private military contractor. Used as footsoldiers by Kronas. Currently has a contract in the Central American country of San Diablo.
    • ChemaxOne
    • Kronas attempted to purchase Stark Industries, but was narrowly stopped by Tony Stark's strong petitions to the Stark Board of Directors. [3]
  • Kronas is named for Aleksander Lukin's childhood home.

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