Kronnitt was one of the gods worshipped by Desak Sterixian and his fellows.[1]

On the Cusp of Tseris, the holiest of all days to that religion, Desak's daughter Loatia was selected to be sacrificed to Kronnitt by the priests (after many fathers refused that their own daughters would be selected).[1]

Pious Desak accepted her daughter's fate, but was troubled by the ghostly apparition of the Designate who tried to persuade him from refusing to give Loatia as offering, making him seem mad in the eyes of his peers who couldn't see the apparition.[1]

The offering was without results, and caused Desak's wife Almonnas's defiance towards the gods and her husband as well. Soon, Kronnitt himself descended on the planet, displeased, accusing his flock of being blasphemers and unbelievers.[1]

The Designate came again, offering Desak the power to destroy the gods. As the Destroyer of Gods, he defeated Kronnitt and the other gods, destroying their realm and "freeing" the believers, to their own despair.[1]


From his armor, Kronnitt could projects blasts.[1] It is unknown if he had powers (including those blasts) from his god stature.


Kronnitt used (or was) an armor.[1]


Seemingly from his armor, Kronnitt could projects blasts.[1]

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