Kroton was apparently a normal humanoid male with a wife and family before he was taken by the Cybermen for conversion and lost all memory of his original life. Unlike most Cybermen, however, while Kroton's memories were gone, his expunged emotions gradually returned, leading him to turn on the Cybermen in order to save a group of humans on the planet Mondaran from their rule. Leaving Mondaran in a stolen spacecraft, he drifted in space for an unknown length of time in a dormant state, his batteries having run down, until he was picked up by the crew of the starship Flying Dutchman II which had become trapped in a stasis loop for over 600 years. Kroton freed the ship, but the passengers and crew immediately aged to death, leaving him alone again.

Years later, after a number of unrecorded adventures, Kroton encountered the Time Lord known as The Doctor and traveled with him for a time before effectively being elevated to a state of near Godhood as the new Centre of the Omniversal Spectrum, regaining his lost memories in the process.


Kroton appears to be extremely long lived, if not potentially immortal, due to his conversion.

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In the past, Kroton was dependent on internal batteries and would lapse into a dormant state if they ran down.

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