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Krylar was a descendant of K'ai's oldest civilization, set on Pitll Pawob, the Isle of Assassins, where his people tried to maintain the remnants of their lost technology by hiring out their services and weapons. Krylar was the steward, the leader of the Pitll Pawob assassins and mercenaries.

After Hulk returned to K'ai, reunited with his love Jarella, and caused severe blows to her enemy Lord Visis's forces, this later came to Krylar at the Isle of Assassins, offering full shares in all spoils if he was to join him in the conflict. Krylar was reluctant, remembering that Visis had formerly lost a Ptill Pawob division[2] and feeling Visis' offer was one of a desperate man, but was half-convinced by Visis' mention of a Jarella-ruled world living in peace, removing the need to hire the Pitll Pawob. Krylar presented an ancient K'aitian device materializing the physical embodiment of any opponent's deepest fears into a physical opponent, which astonished Visis and in turn convinced Krylar from helping him, though he intended to betray Visis and have the Pitll Pawob rule over K'ai.

Krylar consequently joined Visis in his keep, bringing the device along with him and men of Pitll Pawob, for the final battle with Jarella's forces. A duel between champions was proposed by Visis, with Hulk (with Banner's mind) was confronted by the materialization of the savage Hulk. As the Sorcerers' Triad reverted Banner to his Hulk mind, the Hulk construct vanished. Visis immediately believed Krylar was switching sides in favor of Jarella. Having anticipated that Krylar would eventually betray him, Visis had had Krylar's men dispatched by his guards while he was manning the device, and was able to slay Krylar.[1]

His name and prowess remained held in high regard years later, though when the son of Hulk, Hiro-Kala, came to K'ai, it was stated even he couldn't face Hiro-Kala in battle.[3]



Krylar's prowess was seemingly respected on K'ai[3] years after his demise.



  • Krylar used a device of ancient Pitll Pawob technology, which could materialize the physical embodiment of any opponent's deepest fears into a physical opponent.[1]

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