The Krylorians evolved from bird-like creatures on their native world, Krylor in the Andromeda Galaxy.[1]


Habitat: Mostly Temperate climate, 71% water, 29% land
Gravity: 94% Earth standard
Atmosphere: 69% nitrogen, 27% oxygen
Population: 4.1 billion


Type of Government: Democratic republics
Level of Technology: Extremely advanced. Molecular-scale manipulation of matter, transmutation, and robotics. Interstellar ships which are powered and guided psionically.
Cultural Traits: Krylorians' prosperity has made most of them complacent, and they tend to live passionless, unambitious lives. As such, they are obsessive about escapist fanatasies provided by techno-art films.
Representatives: Bereet, Bartos


Eyebrows are vestigial feathers


  • Rampaging Hulk #1 (January 1977) (showed techno-art representations of the Krylorians)

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