The Kt'kn are a race of semi-insectoid aliens from the planet Kn'kn.

The first Kt’kn to be encountered by humans was a would-be world conqueror who posed as a superhuman criminal called the Faceless One.[1] Later, Thor visited the deserted planet of learning known as Rus, only to be attacked by a horde of Kt’kn, survivors of a crashed prison transport ship, who claimed to have been convicted of terrorism.[2] Whether this meant they had attempted to undermine a planet in pursuit of conquering much as the Faceless One had intended for Earth, or if they were traitors to their own respective societies on their home planet, is left unclear.

Despite this behavior shown by their race, an ambassador for the Kt'kn appeared as part of the Intergalactic Council when it held a referendum against the planet Earth.[3]

Powers and Abilities


Telepathy, telepathic senses, limited Telekinesis. Naturally secrete nerve toxins.


Habitat: 54% desert, 42% water
Gravity: 135% Earth standard
Atmosphere: 40% nitrogen, 38% oxygen, 15% sulfur
Population: 2.4 billion


Type of Government: Technocracies
Level of Technology: Highly advanced. Interstellar ships and "teleport globes." Adept at mind control through artificial means
Cultural Traits: Kt'kn are unemotional and ruthless in pursuit of power.
Representatives: The Faceless One


  • Kt'kn are listed as having an average height of 2". However, since the only known representative is the Faceless One, who is about 2' in his natural form, that may be a typo.

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