Xorn, as well as his brother Zorn, was part of a super-soldier project of the Southeast Asian Republic, but later rebelled along other super-powered people, forming two different teams who lead the two twin capital cities, the Celestials, led by Xorn, and the Eternals, led by Zorn. Both groups are called The People. They have in their possession a Serum created by the SEAR, called the Source, which gives normal people super abilities.[1]

S.H.I.E.L.D. convinced The People of the threat the Children of Tomorrow represented, and the Eternals went in war with them, destroying part of their Dome.[2]

Sometime later, it was reported that Xorn apparently died during the war with the City, leaving Jean Grey in charge as mistress of Tian.[3]


Kuan-Yin was injected by a Serum called The Source that granted him superhuman abilities.

Telepathy: Xorn possess the ability to read minds.

Telekinesis: Xorn possess telekinetic abilities, it is unknown how much weight Xorn is capable of lifting with his telekinesis. Although, he has show capable of lifting The Hulk.[4]

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