Nothing is known of Kuhrra Daizonest's past, but he used his biokinetic abilities to become a renowned faith healer, making himself a fabulously-wealthy man in an otherwise poor region of Brazil. He was in truth a ruthless cult leader with a private death squad at his beck and call, and also operator of a mine where anyone who opposed him was sent.

Kuhrra detected the powers of Andre Mexer, a street child in the region, and hired his squad to retrieve him for his own purposes. Mexer was also being sought by Wolverine, who hoped to recruit him for the Xavier Institute. Daizonest's thugs defeated Wolverine, killed the other street kids living with Mexer, and brought Mexer back to Daizonest. When Mexer refused to serve Daizonest, Daizonest rearranged the boy's brain chemistry, greatly decreasing his intelligence, and sent him to the mine.

A vengeful Wolverine soon tracked Daizonest down, with the latter choosing to fight Logan himself. Despite Logan's fighting skill Daizonest fought him evenly, using his powers to rearrange Logan's body in the most painful ways possible, but made a grave mistake when he went in for the kill and attempted to tear Logan's heart out, finding his powers blocked by Logan's adamantium ribs. Seeing the opportunity, Logan stabbed Daizonest to death.

Logan eventually rescued Mexer - or what was left of him - but was haunted by the fact that, for all intents and purposes, Daizonest had won.[1]


Kuhrra Daizonest (Earth-616) from Wolverine Saudade Vol 1 1 02

Kuhrra tortures Logan by altering his muscle structure.

Biological Manipulation: Kuhrra could rearrange the internal structures of himself and others to both heal and harm.

Strength level

Kuhrra had the strength level of a man who engages in intense regular exercise.


Kuhrra's power apparently has no effect on implants or anything artificially added to a person's body like the adamantium added to Wolverine's bones.

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