Exiles Vol 1 57 page 20 Kulan Gath (Earth-37072)


Gath's Master Spell transformed all of New York City and part of the North East into a medieval realm. In doing so, he made it a magnet for every supernatural super-powered being on Earth. As they came to him, he released their inner darkness, turning them into apt soldiers and guards. However, his biggest mistake was releasing the inner darkness in Johnny Blaze, allowing Zarathos to manifest himself and immediately take over.

The Exiles arrived, and through the power of Magik's Soulsword, were able to break Gath's spell, aiding him in his quest to regain his throne. Unfortunately for Gath, Heather Hudson could no longer hold back the Great Beast Tanaraq, who took over her body and slaughtered both Zarathos and Gath, allowing the Exiles to move on.[citation needed]


Seemingly those of Kulan Gath (Earth-616)#Powers.

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