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Kull of Valusia was the greatest king of the Pre-Cataclysmic Age, and a central individual of his time, much like Conan the Cimmerian some 8,000 years later.[2] He lived circa 18,500 BC,[citation needed] and originated from barbaric Atlantis.[2]

He would face many enemies, including the Commorians,[citation needed] the Elder Race sorcerers Thulsa Doom[2] and Tuzun Thune,[29] the Serpent Men,[2] Ohris Dehjmal and his followers,[30][31][32][33][34] among others.

To serve and assist him were his court: Brule the Spear-Slayer (the Pictish ambassador to the court), the elderly councilor Tu, the minstrel Ridondo, Count Murom Bora Ballin, the philosopher-slave Kuthulos, the Pictish ancient Ka-Nu,[2] as well his friend from his slave years Bakas,[34] but he had other allies, such as his fellow tribesman Om-Ra.[3]

He would became a legendary king during the Hyborian Age[21] and into at least the 2nd century AD,[35] and a character in stories Robert Howard wrote.[25]


Origin and early years

Kull was born in Atlantis. An orphan, he was adopted by the tigers of Tiger Valley.

He was eventually taken in by the Sea-Mountain people. Soon, he bested his fellow tribesmen in both martial and mind matters. A questioner and a seeker, he was singularly different from the rest of the tribe.[2]

When his fellow tribesmen tried and burned Sareeta for marrying a Lemurian, Kull killed her by throwing a dagger at her, sparing her from a slow death, while causing himself targeted by his tribe. Kull consequently fled Atlantis.[2]

Slave of Lemurian pirates

Kull was enslaved by Lemurian pirates, who had him bound the oar, to serve as a galley slave[2] and as a gladiator, where he faced a Wolf Man, with whom he forged an alliance.[citation needed]

After two years of captivity, Kull overcome a pair of drunken guards and escaped, swimming to the shore of Valusia.[2]


Fearing the wizard-priest [Rotath (Earth-616)

Powers and Abilities


King Kull did not possess any known superhuman powers/abilities, however, during his time spent as a gladiator, pirate, assassin, and king, he engaged in intensive and extensive regular exercise. This imbued Kull with peak human[citation needed] attributes of strength,[citation needed] speed,[citation needed] stamina,[citation needed] durability,[citation needed] agility,[citation needed] and reflexes.[citation needed]


King Kull was an excellent all-around armed and unarmed combatant,[citation needed] extensively trained in the warfare of the Thurian Age.[citation needed] Kull was also highly intelligent and prone to lose himself in philosophical contemplation.[citation needed]

Physical Strength

Peak Human: King Kull possessed the strength of a man of his unusual (at the time) size/build who engaged in intensive and extensive regular exercise. Kull was a feral child growing up, effectively removing the mental blocks most other humans place on physical might. This combined with his naturally athletic and strong build, as well as his years of training, granted him near superhuman strength.[citation needed]





Throughout his adventures, Kull preferred a battle axe as his weapon of choice.[citation needed] Later as King, Kull would favor a broadsword in addition to his axe.[citation needed]




  • Kull (Kull of Atlantis, King Kull of Valusia) was created by Robert E. Howard and first appeared in "The Shadow Kingdom" (Weird Tales, 1929).[36]
  • Kull was one of the characters featured in the series of Marvel Value Stamps issued in the 1970's.

    Marvel Value Stamp #21


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