Appearing in "While Valusia Sleeps"

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Supporting Characters:

  • Gonra


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Synopsis for "While Valusia Sleeps"

The chamber of king Eallal remained sealed. A pair of Valusian conspirators suspected that there was treasure hidden there. They tricked Gonra to pen the chamber for them. Living Serpent-Men emerged from the chamber and attacked them. Gonra fought them bravely but had to retreat. Kull was alerted by the noise and responded by arriving to the chamber. He faced the Serpent-Men, including one who had assumed the form of Gonra. He managed to kill them all in battle. In death, the Gonra imposter returned to his real form. Kull decided to cleanse the chamber with fire and then reseal it. This time using brick and mortar to make sure nobody can open it.

Solicit Synopsis

A king's castle is more than a home — it is the final bastion of protection. But that bastion suddenly becomes a trap for Kull and everyone inside when his traitorous courtiers unleash a demonic menace "While Valusia Sleeps!"

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