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Appearing in "A Season of Black Death"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Picts of the Borni (Only in flashback)
    • Athela (Only appearance; dies)[1]
    • Ba-Thak (Only appearance; dies)[1]

  • Isabetta (Only appearance; dies)[1]
  • Lorenz (Only appearance; dies)[1]

  • Gaius (Only appearance; dies)[1]
  • Laia (Only appearance; dies)[1]

  • Melibus (First appearance)
  • Menalus (Only appearance; dies)[1]
  • Corydon (First appearance)
  • Unnamed hero (First appearance) (Only in flashback)
  • Valka (Behind the scenes) (Invoked)


  • Four Picts of the Sungara Clan (Only in flashback) (Only appearance; all die)
  • Wolf (Only appearance; dies)[1] (Only in flashback)

  • Isabetta's brothers

  • King Borna (Only in flashback)
  • Valusian guards (Only in flashback)

Other Characters:

  • Great war-chief Nial (Mentioned)
  • Lilah (First appearance)
  • Unnamed servant or counsel of King Borna (First appearance) (Only in flashback)
  • Devil Butt (Only appearance; dies)[1] (Only in flashback) (Possessed by an unholy beast)
  • Tyre (Mentioned)
  • Count Bora Nalor (Mentioned)
  • Count Bora Nalor's son (Mentioned)
  • Countess Dal Leyva (Mentioned)
  • Valusia's legions (Mentioned)

Deities and Invocations:

Races and Species:



  • Valka's Rod (Invoked)
  • Unnamed shield (First appearance) (Only in flashback)

Events and Eras:

Synopsis for "A Season of Black Death"

  • Synopsis not yet written

Solicit Synopsis

With a plague rampant in Velusia, no one can leave the King's castle! So our cast of characters treats Kull to a quartet of timeless tales - and you're treated to some of the most awesome artwork of all!


  • Art (pencils and inks) (story pages) by Vess pages 1-3, 14, 25, 36, 48, Chan and Rubinstein pages 4-13, Bolton pages 15-24, Guice and Beatty pages 26-35 and Sienkiewicz pages 37-47.

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