Kura was the Witch-Woman of the J'Dare tribe.

In order to put an end to the two difficulties encountered by his predecessors Samuel N'Dingi and Jonas N'Dingi, the corruption and the tribes' rivalry, Joshua N'Dingi of the Gawan tribe, also known as Doctor Crocodile, recruited Kura, the Witch Woman of the rival J'Dare tribe as his confidante and advisor, despite his tribe's elders advice, and used her mental powers to found and rooot out the corruption from Mbangawi.[2]

She acted both as her soothsayer, torturer and sorceress.[3][4]

Kura (Earth-616) Excalibur Vol 1 15 001

Kura torturing Jamie Braddock

When the Technet came to release Jamie Braddock, Joyboy used his powers to merge her with the Cosmos, as she desired in her soul, changing her forever.[4]

She later rescued and revert Doctor Crocodile back to human, as he had been turned as an actual crocodile by Jamie Braddock, proving by the way her loyalty.[2]

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