Silent War

During the Silent War between Attilan and the United States of America due to the stealing of the Terrigen Crystals by the O*N*E, Kurani was part of a commando of fellow Inhumans Gorgon, Jolen and Nahrees, cloaking their entry in a theater where Gorgon adressed a warning of further hostile actions until the return of the crystals.[1]

As Jolen killed forty-seven spectators during the elocution (despite Gorgon's instructions), the commando retreated only to be stopped by the Fantastic Four. Opposing illusions of massive monsters to the Thing, Kurani soon surrendered. The whole commando was soon taken into custody by the O*N*E.[1]



  • Telepathy
    • Illusion-Casting: Kurani was able to cast three-dimensional psychic projection, cloaking appearances...[1]

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