This robot was the servant of Kurggo, the former master of Xanth (Planet X). It was sent to earth to locate and kidnap the Fantastic Four. When it arrived on earth, it activated a hostility ray, which caused humans all over Washington DC to attack each other. When the Fantastic Four fled from an angry mob in their Fantasti-Car, he approached them and offered them asylum on Planet X. [1]

After Kurggo was left alone on his world after trying to betray his own people, the loyal robot saved him and led to him to a hidden spaceship. Together they fled from the destruction of Xanth. Kurrgo traveled in search of his subjects. When he found them, they had settled on a new planet, and had constructed sufficient weaponry to drive off Kurrgo and his robot. Kurrgo decided to take revenge on his people, leading him to him to the Leader. Together they hatched a plot that involved pitting the Hulk and the Thing against each other. In the end, Kurggo sent his Robot against the Leader, but before it could reach him, the robot was struck by the Thing and the Hulk. The impact of the robot against the ship's control panel caused the ship overload and explode. Kurrgo and his robot most likely died in the explosion, and his plans of revenge died with him.[2]


Anti-Gravity Ray
Kurrgo's Robot could could project an anti-gravity ray.

Strength level

Kurrgo's Robot possesses vast superhuman strength, probably in the Class 75 to Class 90 range.

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