Kurt was well established as a criminal hacker before ever coming into contact with the modern world of the superhero. He had his first significant brush with the unreal however, when his associate, and occasional ringleader, Luis, introduced him to the master thief Scott Lang who had recently been released from prison. Together with another small time criminal, Dave, rounding out their team, he was to assist with burgling the home of an old man whom Luis had received a tip-off about. Kurt assisted the group with his talents in disabling the electronic security while Lang broke into the house. The theft went well and the group made a clean get away, but all they had to show for their effort was an old suit that looked like a set of motorcycle leathers with a strange helmet. None of them were any the wiser that the whole thing had been a set up by Dr. Henry Pym to test Lang's aptitude for a task that lay ahead.

Lang left the group for a while, but returned with a bold and daring plan. Dr. Pym had trained Kurt's former associate for a raid on Pym Technologies, and Scott wanted Kurt, Luis and Dave in on this new venture. Kurt and Dave were to provide area support from Luis's van outside the facility, with Kurt hacking the security systems.

Things didn't quite go according to plan for Kurt and Dave, and the pair were located by police after Dave alerted them to their presence when he accidentally hit the van's musical horn. Kurt only narrowly disabled a laser grid that was about to incinerate Lang inside the Pym Technologies building as the pair were being arrested. Chaos broke out shortly thereafter, thanks to the activity inside the building, and this gave them the opportunity to escape with Luis when he emerged.

The trio resolved to aid Lang again later in the night, but backed away when they drove into the vicinity of unexpectedly high police presence near the home of Lang's estranged wife and daughter.[1]


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Luis's van

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