Early Adventures

Kurt "Breeze" Barton is native of the alternate reality of Earth-4040. In 1945, the on going war would bring Japanese and American forces to battle in Africa. Breeze, flying over the desert would be shot down and crash his plane. Surviving the crash, he would attempt to reach civilization. Suffering dehydration he would pass out in front of a city he would think was a mirage. Waking up in a room, he would be met by Ann Barclay. Barclay would inform him that he had passed through a portal into another dimension and that he was in the "City of the Mirage" (Also known as the Miracle City). It was a timeless realm where nobody aged, and the portal that brought them there was only one way. Barton would learn about this strange new world and meet with the city's chief scientist Zanoba. Barton would deduce that using magnetism might reverse the polarity of the portal and allow those trapped in this dimension to return to the Earth. This information would be overheard by the evil by Mubahn ruler of the Demon People. They would capture Zanoba, leading Breeze to lead an army into save Zanoba before Mubahn could probe his mind and learn the secrets of magnetism. In combat, Breeze would slay Mubahn and free his slaves, ending the conflict with the Demon People[2].

With the device created by Zanoba, Breeze and Anne would successfully return to Earth. They would be surprised to find that 50 years had passed since they were gone and it was now the year 1995. Their world had been ravaged by ongoing war that most humans had devolved into primitive savages. Joining up with the Jacques "Frenchie" Reliure's resistance fighters, Breeze would become determined to rebuild civilization. His first task would be in overthrowing the leader of a local tribe of savages. Challenging to one on one combat, Breeze would defeat the evil chief even after the chief attempted to cheat. Afterward, when the ex-chief would attempt to kill Breeze, he would be saved by Ann[3].

Setting up a new base to build the foundations of their society, Breeze and his people would be attacked by raiders. Stopping them and showing them the errors of their way, he would send them back to their leader Sabarr. Sabarr would be furious and mount a counter attack, taking Breeze and Ann prisoner. The duo would break free and in the final battle, Breeze would be forced to slay Sabarr with a grenade. With their leader dead, the thieves would surrender and agree to join Bartons cause[4].

Breeze and Ann were last seen going to explore the rest of the Earth, their subsequent activities are as yet unrecorded.

Modern Age

Much later, Breeze Barton was recruited by Earth-616's Howard the Duck to be part of his Ducky Dozen who were on a mission for ARMOR to stop a zombie plague that had spread on Earth-12591, a world where the Nazis had won World War II thanks to unleashing the infection. During the opening battle, Breeze boldly jumped out of the team's ship, using his jet pack to assist him in blasting Nazi zombies that were being launched at his teammates from cannons. When he landed, however, he was torn in half by the zombified Sub-Mariner of the Invaders[5].


Breeze is a trained soldier, pilot and a capable fighter.


Originally Breeze flew a fighter plane that was common of his world circa 1945, however this ship was shot down. Later he would invent a rocket belt that allowed him to fly.


Breeze usually carried twin pistols.

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