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Kurt Busiek (Earth-1218)

Kurt Busiek (Earth-1218)

Real Name
Kurt David Busiek[1]
"The Squirt"

Marvel; Malibu; Amalgam Comics; DC Comics; Vertigo; Wildstorm; Milestone; Tangent Comics; Dark Horse Comics; Image; Homage Comics; Top Cow; Cliffhanger;Boom! Studios; Acclaim; Dynamite Entertainment;Eclipse; Gorilla Comics; Harris Comics; Les Humanoïdes Associés; Arcade Comics; Topps Comics; Disney; Claypool Comics; Harpercollins; Kitchen Sink; Bongo; IDW Publishing; About Comics; Sky-Dog Press; AiT/Planet Lar;monkeybrain Comics; Classic Comics Press; TwoMorrows Publishing; Active Images; Vanguard Productions; Tor Books; Urban Comics



Notable Creations

Place of Birth
Boston , Massachusetts , United States of America

Date of Birth

September 16, 1960

Personal History

Busiek graduated Syracuse University in 1982, but was already working in the comics field prior. Kurt Busiek presently resides in the Pacific Northwest. The writer is married and has two daughters.

Professional History

Kurt Busiek has won multiple Eisner and Harvey Awards. Among his work at Marvel Comics, his run on Avengers, Marvels, and Untold Tales of Spider-Man are extremely significant. Busiek also created the Thunderbolts team and concept.


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