The Martian disguised as the human Kurt Dagmar was the head of the Stati, the East German secret police during the Cold War. After the Wall fell, he arrived to Madripoor.

True form revealed

He set up as an arms dealer in the island, a business which brought him wealth. Dagmar acquired his first Deathlok by bribing a Roxxon employee, and years later made himself an army of them, from both this universe and other alternate timelines, as well as the original Deathlok Luther Manning, whom he kept under control, like the rest, but allowed him some free will so Manning could see himself being controlled by Dagmar. Dagmar also possessed other A.I. like Sentinels and Kree Sentinels in his storage hub.

Herr Dagmar captured Toro, the Human Torch's former sidekick, to attract the attention of the synthetic hero and capture him. The Human Torch arrived to Dagmar's base in the Black Forest along with the Invaders, who soon found themselves attacked by Dagmar's Deathlok army, in order to give Dagmar's experts enough time to synch his machines with the Human Torch's cerebral cortex in order to subdue him.

Captain America came to the Invader's rescue, and deflected a deadly ray directed at Namor towards Dagmar himself, who upon being killed by the ray, revealed his true form of a Martian.[1]

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