Doctor Karlbad was a mad scientist who was trying to exchange the brain of an Ape with that of a man. He was going to use the Rawhide Kid's brain, but the Kid escaped his laboratory when he went for supplies. Fearing that the Kid would alert the authorities, Karlbad and his Ape fled into the night. He trained the Ape to perform a number of human-like tasks so that even the Kid thought that he might have succeeded in transferring his own brain into the body of the Ape. When the Kid finally tracked the Ape back to Karlbad's hideout in a cave, he was apparently able to escape through a secret exit in the back of the cave while the Ape was captured and given to Karlbad's daughter, Virginia. [2]




Doctor Karlbad was a scientist apparently in the biological or perhaps neurological fields, and was obsessed with the idea of transferring a man's brain into an Ape's body. He appears to also have been a master animal trainer as he was able to teach his Ape to perform several complex tasks, including how to use a shotgun.

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