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Refrax using his optic blasts

Kurt Pastorius is a mutant, student at the Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, and member of Generation.[1] Little is known about his history.

Refrax is a practical joker and class clown. He is best friends with Mondo, an has a crush on his teammate Buff.[1]

Along with the other members of Generation X, Refrax traveled into the Dream Dimension to battle Tresh and rescue Skin.[1]


Refrax is a mutant with powers including:

  • Radioactive Optic Emission: Refrax is able to emit heated radioactive beams from his eyes allowing him to cut through glass and steel.[1]
  • X-Ray Vision: Originally, Refrax could only see through thin fabric (like pantyhose). However, his x-ray vision eventually became strong enough to allow him to see through clothes.[1]


  • Refrax requires specially designed glasses that block his radioactive emissions. These glasses are similar to Cyclops' Visor.[1]
  • Portrayed by Randall Slavin.
  • Refrax is an original character developed for and introduced in Generation X. Due to budget constraints limiting the special effects required to depict his powers, Refrax was developed to replace Chamber.

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