Kurt Schnell was a Nazi spy who was active during World War II. By March of 1943, he had discovered that a suit of armor that was once owned by the blood thirsty Baron Trembiew was located after it was lost in in shipping thanks to the Nazi occupation of France. The suit of armor contained a powerful explosive that was invented by the Baron's modern-day descendant and was being shipped to his brother Rene in the United States, who was unaware of the armor's contents. The armor was supposedly cursed, and during a full moon, it would bleed the blood of the Baron and become fatal to the touch.

Shortly after the armor arrived at Trembiew's Louisiana home, Schnell arrived offering to purchase the armor. When Trembiew refused, Schnell and his men then attempted to take it by force. The Angel attempted to stop them, but when Schnell threatened to shoot Rene's niece, the hero backed down. When one of Schnell's men attempted to take the armor, they noticed it began to bleed and upon the thug touching it he died. However, when the statue stopped bleeding, Schnell was able to touch it and carried it out to his car.

The Angel attempted to follow after them, but Karl and his men pinned him behind a tree with gun fire. As they attempted to flee in their car, Rene managed to strike their getaway car with a shotgun blast from an upstairs window of his house. The bullet pierced the armor, setting off the explosives hidden inside blowing up the car and killing Schnell and his men.[1]

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