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Nightcrawler is a teenage student at the Xavier Institute who has a friendly nature. Mystique is his birth mother and Rogue is his foster sister. It is shown in the episode Shadowed Past that he was apparently experimented on by Magneto as an infant, and accidentally dropped into a river by Mystique. He used a holographic inducer shaped like a wristwatch to look human to go to school, making him appear as a normal teen.

He had a very close friendship with Kitty Pryde that even hints at a possible relationship, although he later ended up dating one of his non-mutant classmates, Amanda Sefton. When Mystique was turned to stone, he tried to be there for his mother and sister and became torn over the conflict between the two.[1]

Powers and Abilities


See Kurt Wagner (Earth-616)#Powers, lacking his Infrared Vision.


Skilled Acrobat



  • Image Inducer: He wears an image inducer that disguises him as a normal human.



  • Voiced by Brad Swaile
  • Kurt's worst nightmare was revealed to be teleporting into and getting stuck in the world he passes through during teleportation.[citation needed]


  • In the X-Men Evolution animated series, Nightcrawler is a teenage student at the Xavier Institute with much of the same friendly nature and demeanor as his comic book counterpart, although he does not appear to be religious at this point in his life.

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