Nightcrawler was among his fellow X-Men teammates who were playing a game of baseball when the Press Gang from Genosha attacked them in order to kidnap their healer Triage.[1]

During the battle, Nightcrawler was summoned by Rogue to teleport Kitty to the hospital after being hit by Havok's plasma blast. Nightcrawler made it to Memorial with Dr. Reyes prepped and ready to take care of Kitty, but she had Kurt leave in order to retrieve Triage so he could heal her wounds.

After returning with him, Kurt was knocked unconscious by Reyes who was really Mystique in disguise. She knocked out the real Reyes after Kurt left.[2]

Nightcrawler was in the mansion when Phoenix chose specific members to head up a strike team to head to Genosha to rescue their friends. Nightcrawler stayed behind to watch over Kitty.[3]


Seemingly those of the Kurt Wagner of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Kurt Wagner of Earth-616.

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