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Kurt Wagner is a member of the super team Lightning Force on a parallel Earth where the Nazis won World War Two. When the Reichsminister for Genetics Moira MacTaggert and her bodyguard Callisto were switched with their Earth-616 counterparts during a train ride by a dimensional portal created by Widget, Lightning Force were sent to rescue them. [1]

Lightning Force soon clashed with their Earth-616 counterparts Excalibur, and Nightcrawler soon took out the Earth-616 version of him by teleporting him multiple times in moments. As the Earth-616 Nightcrawler was still recuperating from injuries received in battle with the Marauders, his body couldn't cope with the strain and he passed out, causing his counterpart to mock him as an inferior specimen.[1]

Eventually, Excalibur overcame their doppelgangers, and along with the rest of Lightning Force, Kurt returned to his own dimension, as the authorities decided he couldn't be tried on Earth-616.[2]

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly those of Nightcrawler. Unlike his counterpart, this Nightcrawler's fingers and toes appeared to be clawed, or at least to have long nails.


Like his Earth-616 counterpart, this Nightcrawler appears to be a skilled hand-to-hand combatant and acrobat. It is unknown if this Nightcrawler served in his own reality's version of the X-Men if there was one, so it is possible he lacks some of the skills the Earth-616 Nightcrawler picked up with the X-Men, such as his piloting skills.

Physical Strength

Seemingly the same as Kurt Wagner (Earth-616).

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