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Quote1 I was abandoned by my mother, Mystique, as an infant. Despite our shared blood, I was too blue for her. Then I met Rogue years later. We could have been enemies or strangers. Instead, unlike our mother, we chose not to abandon each other. To let go of the past and simply be family. Blood is blood. Family is a choice. Quote2


Nightcrawler was a monk living in a Swiss abbey, persecuted by his superior and the townspeople who believed him to be a demon. Gambit, Rogue, and Wolverine helped him through his trials.[2]

Kurt Wagner (Earth-92131) from X-Men '97 Season 1 5 001

Later, he was sent a letter by his birth mother that she was going to be harmed if he did not meet with her captor. He decided to get help from the X-Men. Wolverine, Rogue, and Jubilee were around to help. At the dam where he was suppose to meet up with his mother, he discovered she was the mutant criminal Mystique. His mother told him that she adopted Rogue but before that she had two sons, one of them was him and the other was the one who organized the whole thing: Graydon Creed. Creed wanted to destroy them to prove himself to the Friends of Humanity. Kurt asked Mystique to give him answers and she did, she told him about his birth and when she abandoned him and coldly said she didn't want him, although Kurt said he would pray for her and for god to forgive her.[3]

Kurt eventually joined Genosha's council as outreach for any communities of faith. He would later save Rogue and Magneto during the Sentinel attacks, and be harmed afterward.[4] Following the attack Kurt would join the X-Men as an official team member.[5]




  • Fencing: Kurt is a skilled swordsman. He can fight with three swords at once, using both of his hands and tail.[6]


  • In the 1992 X-Men animated series, Nightcrawler made guest appearances in the episodes "Nightcrawler" and "Bloodlines", but never joined the X-Men. He was voiced by Adrian Hough.

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