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Quote1.png Her name is Kushala. The Demon Rider. Like my other companions, she is a Sorcerer Supreme. And like all of them, she is hiding something. Quote2.png
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Kushala was an Apache woman who lived in the mid-1800s. While her tribe was being attacked by the U.S. Army, Kushala's parents were killed. In an act of rage, she prayed to her creator, but instead was possessed by a Spirit of Vengeance. With this new power, she burnt everyone until all that remained were their spirits.[3][2]

Now going by Demon Rider, Kushala traveled the world seeking out and studying different forms of magic in an attempt to understand her curse.[3] With the help of Auntie Jessa, she gained more control over her demon,[2] and her skills in the mystic arts eventually led to her becoming the Sorcerer Supreme of her era.[1]

In the Present

While searching for a cure, Kushala met Merlin, who promised to exorcise the Spirit of Vengeance should she join a team of Sorcerers Supreme of different eras to defeat a powerful entity called The Forgotten.[1][3]

With the other Sorcerers Supreme

After defeating The Forgotten, however, the team was betrayed by their teammate Sir Isaac Newton, who proceeded to remove the Spirit of Vengeance from Kushala to help him in his quest to become a god.[6] Feeling empty without the spirit inside of her,[7] Kushala realized she couldn't allow that power to fall into the wrong hands and that she would have to "burn so the world does not".[8]

After defeating Newton and coming to terms with her burden,[8] Kushala was ready to return to her time, but Merlin told her that her story wasn't finished yet and that her fates were yet to be determined. Before vanishing and leaving her stranded in the present, Merlin simply told her: "Live wisely. Remember... Time is cruel. But a life well lived is not..."[9]

With Merlin's departure, she accompanied Doctor Strange to the Sanctum Sanctorum with Mindful One,[9] who she'd grown very close to during this adventure.[8]

Months later, she was called by Laussa Odinsdottir to summon the ghosts of several powerful warriors from her era to defend Earth from the invasion of Malekith the Accursed and this Dark Council.[4]

With the aid of Gaea and Skuld, Kushala was able to commandeer Ares' radio and impersonate Sindr. All the travels of the Babysitters Club culminated in the formation of an army of Skrulls, cowboy ghosts, henchfolk, gods, and heroes ready to join the final battle against Malekith's forces, just as Laussa had planned.[10]

With her friends

Having spent so much time in the present, Kushala made some friends and grew familiar with some of the wonders of the modern world, such as cat videos on the Internet. One day, while having lunch with her friends, Doctor Strange paid her a visit to ask for her help in dealing with a new demon that had possessed Johnny Blaze.[2]

Suspecting that this demon was related to her own, she asked Johnny for permission to enter his soul and investigate. While there, she relived the death of her family and encountered her mother during her dying moments. As she looked into her eyes one more time, she saw a vision of her demon's origin, detailing that it was the embodiment of the corruption of a planet from a multiverse before the current one. This being had been scattered through the new multiverse and spent eons bringing itself together until, nearly complete, it had merged with Kushala. The final piece was the one infecting Johnny, hoping to get Kushala's attention and become whole once more.[2]

As she fought the beast with her powers, she began realizing that she didn't stand a chance against it, so, instead, she let go of all her desires for vengeance and calmed down. As Kushala tamed the part of the demon inside of her, the remaining bit grew weaker and smaller, and in the end Kushala ate it, finally reuniting all the pieces, but under her control. Having accomplished her mission in the 21st century, she bid farewell to Strange and Johnny and finally returned to her time to start working on her legacy.[2]

Back in the 1800s, she finally had children and raised a family, becoming a legend and source of inspiration for those that came after her.[5] After a conflict with Doctor Doom through time and space, however, she saw herself once again in the 21st century.[11]



Kushala becoming the Demon Rider

Due to her possession by the Spirit of Vengeance and her training in the mystic arts, Kushala has several powers including:

  • Demonic Transformation: Kushala possesses the supernatural ability to transform into the Demon Rider.[3]
    • Pyrokinesis: As the Demon Rider, she possesses the ability to generate, control, and fire and infuse it with her horse so that it travels at extreme speeds leaving a Hellfire trail in its wake.[3]
    • Flight: With her horse, she is also capable of flying.[3]
  • Magic: Kushala has been the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth.[1] She has demonstrated familiarity and expertise with various types of magic including Nordic magic,[3] Earth magic,[3] binding spells,[1][3] chaos magic,[12] and many others.[3]
  • "Riding the Spirit": Unlike Doctor Strange's Astral Projection, Kushala's powers allow her physical body (and not just her mind) to travel the planes of existence.[2]


  • Skilled Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Kushala is a formidable hand to hand combatant and often uses her powers in combat situations.[1]




  • Fiery Phantom Horse: While in her Demon Rider form, Kushala can summon and ride a phantom horse whose body is covered in fire.[3]


  • She wears a hairband that once belonged to her father.[3]


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