Kwabena Ware was a Wakanda disillusioned with his king Black Panther following the different tragedies that struck the nation. His village was flooded when the Phoenix-empowered Namor attacked the country, and his brother Kwaku died later on at the hands of the Black Order.

Believing that the Black Panther was ignoring the needs of the nation, Kwabena joined the insurgent group known as The People. He was outfitted with repulsor tech and turned into a suicide bomber by the People's ally Zeke Stane.

Kwabena Ware (Earth-616) from Black Panther Vol 6 5 001

The Black Panther abducted Kwabena together with numerous other unconscious suicide bombers when he raided several of the People's bases. When Black Panther was analysing him, Kwabena awoke and berated his king. However, Black Panther refuted Kwabena's claims and even convinced him to abandon the People's cause and their nefarious methods.[1]

T'Challa later had Kwabena released and return to one of the People's bases disguised as a soldier so as to look for Ezekiel Stane, while using his soul-searching powers to find them as soon as they came in contact. Once this happened, Black Panther attacked the People alone and appeared to be captured, but in reality, used the opportunity to record Stane confessing that the People's leader Tetu promised him a part of Wakanda for his help.[2] Panther's allies Manifold, Luke Cage, Storm and Misty Knight teleported into the base and defeated the People, though Stane and his allies the Fenris Twins managed to escape.[3]

Kwabena Ware joined the fight against the People when they mobilized towards the Golden City. When Black Panther decided to seek assistance from the souls in Necropolis, one of the dead spirits was that of Kwaku Ware. When the People was defeated and before the spirits departed from the physical world, Kwabena shared a brief moment with his brother.[4]

Kwabena was later considered by Black Panther as a potential recruit to replenish the Hatut Zeraze.[5]

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