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Quote1.png British Braddock, I am Anansi. The Teller Tales, and I am in the middle of a story. And one cannot stop a story in the middle. Quote2.png


Kwaku Anansi is an African spider-god, a trickster figure who is the subject of many myths and legends - many of which were of his own invention.

Out of boredom, Anansi sought the advice of his father, the sky god, but instead found his uncle, Nebasti. Anansi requested to be sent on a quest to obtain the power of the Great Beasts, stating that being able to bend stories to his will was no longer enough and that he wanted the power to control other people. Nebasti reluctantly agreed to send Anansi on the quest and told him to seek the spider-orchid and inhale its pollen, but warned him that many would seek to block his path.

Confronted by the gods of wind, water, earth, and fire, Anansi won their allegiance through his cunning, but when they tried to dissuade him from continuing he left them behind. Reaching the Garden at the End of the World, he tried to claim the spider-orchid's pollen but was stopped by the god of bees. Realizing that the elemental spirits could have helped him, Anansi lamented leaving them behind, but they arrived and helped him defeat the swarm. Realizing the true meaning behind his uncle's words, Anansi chose not to take the spider-orchid despite the other gods saying he earned its power.[2]


Anansi was later approached by Spider-UK to join the Spider-Army and oppose the Inheritors on Earth-001, which he did after roping Spider-UK into one of his misadventures.[2]



Similar to Kwaku Anansi of Earth-616. Anansi possesses the conventional attributes of the African gods. He can also tap into and manipulate ambient magical energies for a variety of effects, including shapeshifting.

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