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Quote1 Mercy is my name. But it is not my way. Quote2

The woman named Kwannon by the Hand is a ninja assassin raised from birth to be a killer.[1] As a mutant psychic and one of Japan's top enforcers,[16] she ultimately abandoned the Hand[17] and became the personal operative of the crime boss Lord Nyoirin. This brought her into conflict with her lover and rival, Hand assassin Matsu'o Tsurayaba.[3] After she nearly died in battle against Tsurayaba, the Hand, having assistance from the witch Spiral, had Kwannon's comatose body switched with that of Betsy Braddock, the X-Man Psylocke.[18]

Confused and believing herself to be Braddock, Kwannon took the name Revanche and joined the X-Men, uneasily having Braddock as a teammate.[19] After contracting the lethal Legacy Virus,[20] she discovered her true nature and was mercy-killed by Tsurayaba at her request. Braddock continued to live in Kwannon's body.[21] When Braddock was killed by Sapphire Styx, she telekinetically rebuilt her original body, while Kwannon was revived in her own.[11] Kwannon became an ally to the X-Men once more.[5] She has claimed the codename Psylocke.[22]

More recently, Kwannon forged an uneasy alliance with Mister Sinister for the sake of her lost daughter,[23] taking on a supervising role of his troubled charges, the new Hellions.[10] This brought her immense tragedy and guilt.[24] Next, when mutantkind struggled against the organization known as Orchis, Psylocke was recruited by Captain America to join the Avengers Unity Squad.[25] Following the fall of Orchis, Psylocke rejoined the X-Men in their mission to protect mutant victims.[26]


No Mercy[]

Kwannon (Earth-616) from Fallen Angels Vol 2 1 003

Being trained by the Hand

Molded into an assassin ninja since tender age by a traditional clan of the criminal organization known as the Hand, Kwannon was ironically baptized as such to be “the enemy of peace.” Her training was regarded as a metamorphosis, akin to an insignificant caterpillar transforming into a magnificent butterfly. However, her path took a turn when she fell in love with a young man and bore a daughter, which displeased her masters. Her beloved was slain, and her newborn child was separated from her. In a twisted display of so-called mercy, the baby was marked with a butterfly-shaped tattoo in order to make her recognizable if fate ever brought mother and daughter together again.[1] Endowed with mutant telepathic abilities, Kwannon cultivated a notorious reputation in Japan as an efficient killer who could delve into others' thoughts,[27] operating as a loyal and merciless member of her clan.[16]

Kwannon (Earth-616) from Fallen Angels Vol 2 5 002

Breaking free from her masters

A pivotal moment in Kwannon's career unfolded after she was assigned the task of eliminating a traitor within her clan. As she carried out the execution, empathy overwhelmed her due to a psychic glimpse of the love her target harbored for his wife and unborn child. Touched by compassion, Kwannon rebelliously aided the family go underground rather than murdering them, defying the explicit orders she had received.[16] Another clandestine act of mercy occurred during a mission in which Kwannon chose not to destroy a menacing artificial intelligence named Apoth. This decision led Apoth to develop an obsessive connection with Kwannon, perceiving her as its true creator.[28] These manifestations of Kwannon's resilience against the psychological torment imposed upon her culminated with her turning against her masters to assassinate them. Her liberation paralleled the emergence of a butterfly from its chrysalis, but simultaneously transformed Kwannon into the weapon of destruction her dark overseers had always intended her to become.[17]

Kwannon (Earth-616) from X-Men Vol 2 31 001

Operating as Lord Nyoirin's prime assassin

Knowing nothing else but violence, Kwannon worked as an assassin by trade, rising to prominence as the main operative serving Japanese crime lord Nyoirin. Concurrently, she engaged in a romantic relationship with Matsu'o Tsurayaba, a high-ranking figure within the Hand. As the interests of Nyoirin and the Hand came into conflict, Kwannon found herself honor-bound to face her lover in a lethal duel. The fight ensued against the backdrop of an ocean cliff, resulted in Kwannon's precipitous fall. She sustained injuries that left her with debilitating brain damage. The prognosis for the comatose Kwannon offered no glimmer of hope for recovering, which weighed heavily on Tsurayaba.[3]


Kwannon (Earth-616), Matsu'o Tsurayaba (Earth-616) and Hand (Earth-616) from X-Men Vol 2 31 001

Trapped in a coma

Conveniently, the telepathic member of the X-Men Betsy Braddock, a.k.a. Psylocke, was found washed up on the shore of the Hand's island base in the South China Sea. Her arrival, a consequence of passing through the Siege Perilous,[18] posited a solution to Kwannon's predicament. Determined to restore Kwannon, Tsurayaba sought the assistance of the sorceress Spiral, a begrudging servant of Mojo, who had previously shown prior interest in Psylocke. Tsurayaba believed that Kwannon's limited psychic powers would allow her mind to withstand contact with a high-level telepath like Psylocke, recovering her from her coma. Spiral's penchant for trickery and deception led her to transpose the minds of the two women into each other's bodies. Unaware of this result, Tsurayaba believed Psylocke to be Kwannon[29] and manipulated her into becoming the Mandarin's second-in-command through brainwashing. Under this influence, Psylocke crossed paths with Wolverine, which culminated with her breaking free and reuniting with the X-Men.[30]

Kwannon (Earth-616) from X-Men Vol 2 22 001

In Braddock's body, as Revanche

Trapped in Braddock's body, Kwannon was retrieved by her employer Nyorin, with the assistance of Spiral. The convergence of their bodies and minds caused Kwannon to believe that she was, in fact, Betsy Braddock. Following months under Nyoirin's watchful eye, Kwannon was dispatched to confront Psylocke.[31] Upon infiltrating the X-Mansion, she launched an attack on Psylocke, prompting the intervention of the X-Men. Adopting the codename Revanche, Kwannon asserted that Psylocke was an imposter.[32] The X-Men found themselves unable to discern the truth. Their scents were identical to Wolverine's sense, and Psylocke was unwilling to allow Professor X to telepathically probe her memories. Journeying to Japan in search of answers,[2] the X-Men had access to Nyoirin's diary, which suggested that Kwannon had happened upon Braddock after her emergence from the Siege Perilous portal. As a result of disorientation, Psylocke's telepathy ran unchecked and fused their minds together.[33] Confronted by the X-Men, Nyoirin cryptically directed them to seek out Tsurayaba. However, after being found, Tsurayaba did not reveal the truth about the events that had transpired.[34]

Kwannon (Earth-616) from X-Men Vol 2 31 002

Asking Matsu'o to mercy kill her

Revanche returned with the X-Men, officially joining the team, much to Psylocke's discomfort.[6] During a mission on an island housing victims of the deadly Legacy Virus, Revanche disclosed her own affliction with the lethal disease.[20] As the infection progressed,[35] her telepathic abilities underwent a gradual augmentation, piercing through the haze of confusion surrounding her memories. Faced with certainty about her true identity, Kwannon decided to part ways with the X-Men. However, before her departure, she removed the bionic eyes Mojo had implanted in Braddock's body years before, severing her connection with Spiral.[36] On the brink of death, Kwannon found her way back to Japan, where she asked Tsurayaba to swiftly end her life, enabling her to die on her terms instead of being a victim. Matsu'o Tsurayaba mercy-killed Kwannon with a tantō.[3] In her final moments, Kwannon bequeathed a fragment of her psionic energies to Tsurayaba, a gesture that allowed him to restore Psylocke's mind. Kwannon's epitaph read “love that transcended body and soul.”[29]


For years, Psylocke continued to live in Kwannon's body. At some point, she was involved in a mysterious mission in Madripoor against the Femme Fatales. During an encounter with the psychic vampire Sapphire Styx, Braddock fell victim to a soul-absorbing assault that entrapped her consciousness.[37] Psylocke's lifeless and vacant body laid seemingly devoid of vitality.[38] In order to escape, Braddock defeated the villain in the astral plane and ingeniously reconstructed her original body, successfully reviving herself within it. The unexpected consequence of such a resurrection was the reanimation of her prior body, now once again inhabited by the spirit of Kwannon.[11]

Kwannon (Earth-616) from Uncanny X-Men Vol 5 16 001

Decapitating Joseph

Restored to her rightful body, Kwannon crossed paths with the X-Men once more as mutantkind struggled to escape extinction. When confronting the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants in East Transia, the X-Men unraveled that their enemies' leader Magneto was, in fact, the clone Joseph. Kwannon interrupted the commotion by swiftly decapitating the villain with her katana. Finding difficulties to recollect her memories and fully recognize the X-Men, she introduced herself as “nothing,” as translated by Wolverine from Japanese. Kwannon asserted that her actions were driven by the fact that Joseph was being manipulated as an asset, part of a plan to eradicate mutants from the world.[5]

Despite the X-Men's decision to confine Kwannon within their hideout, Wolverine opted to free her, seeking assistance in avenging the death of Wolfsbane. Using her telepathic abilities, Kwannon skillfully tracked Wolfsbane's killers and shared their memories with Wolverine in order to confirm the murder. Amidst a confrontation against O*N*E agents, Wolverine exacted revenge by decisively eliminating the culprits.[39] Furthermore, she proceeded to join Wolverine in a fight against Emma Frost's new Hellfire Club. During the battle, Kwannon faced defeat at the hands of the shapeshifter Mystique, who tormented her with Braddock's visage. Her failure was followed by O*N*E gaining advantage against Wolverine.[40]

Sinister Alliance[]

Fallen Angels Vol 2 1 Second Printing Variant Textless

Approaching Mister Sinister

Embracing the name Psylocke, Kwannon became a citizen of the mutant haven of Krakoa, considering the island-nation a peaceful paradise that had no place for her. Tragically, she psychically experienced the death of her long-lost daughter at the hands of Apoth. Since Krakoa was under a strict lockdown following the murder of Professor X, Psylocke sought assistance from Mister Sinister in desperation to confront Apoth. To execute her mission, she enlisted aid from X-23 and Cable. Venturing to Japan, the trio discovered Apoth's nefarious use of children to disseminate the potent technological drug called Overclock. Being sanctioned by Sinister, Psylocke pledged to deliver Apoth to him to keep the adventure a secret from the Quiet Council of Krakoa.[1] Apoth was found in Brazil, where Psylocke communed with it to shockingly learn that she had been responsible for its conception.[41] Sinister tampered with Overclock, enabling Psylocke to interact with Apoth on a cyberspace. Psylocke executed the malevolent intelligence and, true to her word, presented its remains to Mister Sinister.[42]

Hellions Vol 1 5 Textless

Monitoring the Hellions

Psylocke was then assigned to monitor Mister Sinister's unconventional band of Hellions, which comprised mutants deemed too violent or troubled for mainstream Krakoan society. Their inaugural mission was to dismantle Mister Sinister's orphanage, which was a front concealing a still active Marauders cloning facility.[10] Upon reaching their destination, Psylocke and the Hellions were met by the Goblin Queen, who had been magically and psychically torturing and controlling the Marauders. Following a swift defeat, most of the Hellions were captured, leaving only Psylocke and Wild Child unscathed. Believing that Psylocke was faulting as the alpha of their “pack,” Wild Child attacked her, only to be quickly defeated and forced to acknowledge her authority as the one in charge.[43] Psylocke strategically managed to break her protégés free, and the Goblin Queen was shot dead by Greycrow, which allowed the rest of the Hellions to safely return to Krakoa.[44]

Before the start of a sword tournament to resolve tensions between Krakoa and Arakko, the Hellions were assigned the mission of infiltrating and sabotaging Arakko's forces. In Arakko, they encountered a brutal challenge in the Locus Vile. In shock, they realized not only that the contest had already begun, but also the disconcerting truth about their assignment: their actual objective was to collect Arakki genetic material for Sinister's clandestine experiments. Psylocke was manipulated by Sinister into abandoning some of her fellow Hellions in Arakko in order to return to Krakoa with DNA samples of the Locus Vile. Upon arriving in Krakoa, she was murdered by Mister Sinister as a way to cover his treacherous actions.[45] After being resurrected, most of the Hellions questioned Sinister's motives in Arakko. Psylocke vehemently defended Mister Sinister. It was revealed that her loyalty was rooted in the fact that Sinister had recovered her daughter, now existing in a cybernetic form, having been recovered from the Apoth's remains she had retrieved.[13]

In another calculated move, Mister Sinister arranged for the Hellions to be abducted by Arcade and subjected to mind games cast by Mastermind within the twisted confines of Murderworld. His diabolical goal was to seize control of Murderworld from Arcade. Trapped in a nightmarish illusion, Kwannon was forced to believe that she had spent decades constantly hunted down by Braddock. Being able to see through the false reality, she broke free. Following the defeat of Arcade and the liberation of the Hellions, Mister Sinister disclosed to Psylocke his efforts to revive her daughter using Murderworld's technology. He further claimed that, if the Quiet Council learned about his activities, they would have his research destroyed. With no other choice in order to protect her daughter, Psylocke reluctantly watched as Sinister and Mastermind sent the Hellions back home with no knowledge of the ordeal.[46]

Having worked through her anger in this mental simulation,[47] Psylocke joined forces with Excalibur after Bradock had gone missing as a result of a duel against Isca the Unbeaten.[48] Despite Elspeth Braddock retrieving Braddock's spirit, Rictor was unable to return her to her body. Recognizing the need for a resolution, Psylocke set Braddock's soul free and chased her down across Avalon. As the two women met, they finally had the opportunity to discuss their sorrowful connection. As a selfless gesture, Psylocke proposed temporarily hosting Braddock's psyche once again to complete her resurrection. Excalibur soon learned that Braddock's body had been previously possessed by Malice.[49] Having newfound empathy for Malice's condition, Psylocke tracked her down on Krakoa, ultimately executing her by destroying her essence necklace. Malice was granted a second chance at life upon resurrection in a new body, mirroring Psylocke's own story.[50]

Psylocke's simmering and unspoken resentment for Mister Sinister reached a breaking point when the Hellions were ambushed by the Locus Vile, who sought to reclaim the samples Sinister had acquired.[51] Tarn the Uncaring exposed Sinister's deception, prompting the Hellions to seek revenge. To protect himself, Mister Sinister dispatched an army of clones and left to Murderworld through an illegal gate that only he could access, leaving Psylocke behind in anger and defeat.[52] She shared the truth about Sinister's schemes to the Hellions and, after evading the Locus Vile, guided the group to their traitorous masters. Havok and Greycrow wished to destroy the facility, but Psylocke pleaded with them to spare it, finally unveiling her motivations concerning her daughter. However, Empath, acting under Emma Frost's orders, caused Havok to crash Psylocke's only chance of getting her daughter back to the ground.[53] Rescued from the chaotic wreckage by the X-Men, the Hellions returned to Krakoa for realing. The Quiet Council chose to conceal Mister Sinister's transgressions due to his importance to the mutant society. The disillusioned Psylocke decided to sever ties with Krakoa and the Hellions, opting to resume her life as a solitary assassin bound to death and misery.[24]

Captain of Krakoa[]

Kwannon (Earth-616) from Inferno Vol 2 1 001

Great Captain of Krakoa

Despite her intention to leave the island, Psylocke found herself chosen by the Quiet Council to become one of the Great Captains of Krakoa.[7] Before abandoning Krakoa, she was informed that Nanny had adopted an android baby which had been captured by the Right, prompting Orphan-Maker to retrieve it in Arizona on a one-man mission. As a Captain of Krakoa, Psylocke insisted on aiding Orphan-Maker by herself, but her former Hellions decided to back her up. Journeying to the Right's Zeta base, the group engaged in a brutal confrontation. Nanny met her demise at the hands of the robotic child, causing Orphan-Maker to lose control in fury and kill two human rangers.[54] Sentenced to the Pit of Exile by the Quiet Council, Orphan-Maker was punished alongside a resurrected Nanny, contrary to Psylocke's efforts to avert their penalty. In the aftermath, the Hellions were disbanded. Kwannon decided to remain on Krakoa as a Captain, contemplating the potential for personal growth and redemption. She stopped Greycrow from murdering their former teammate Empath for his part in the Hellions' downfall, prompting Greycrow to confess his feelings for her. The two began a relationship thereafter.[55]

Still mourning the loss of her daughter, Psylocke was recruited by Captain Kate Pryde to join the crew of her Marauders, which she accepted to keep mutants safe from ill-intended predators.[9] Guided by the vile Cassandra Nova, the Marauders embarked on a treasure hunt, sailing to the Shi'ar Galaxy to rescue the first generation of mutants.[56] In their interstellar journey, they fell victim to the machinations of the secretive Kin Crimson.[57] During the mission, Psylocke probed into the mind of Chronicle, an agent of Kin Crimson. She learned that, billions of years in the past, a mutant society known as the Threshold thrived on Earth, but was slaughtered when warring the prehistoric Shi'ar.[58] With this intel, the Marauders travelled back in time to collect a Shi'ar timedriver that contained the essence of some Thresholders. In Avalon, Psylocke scanned for the device and secured it. Before returning to the present, Cassandra Nova expanded Psylocke's psychic abilities, allowing her to erase the memories of those who had witnessed their intervention.[59] The collected data allowed for the resurrection of three Thresholders, prompting the Marauders to time-travel to assist in mutantkind's ancient war.[60] Upon arrival, the team of mutant rescuers faced the threats of Sublime[61] and Stryfe[62] to ensure the Threshold's survival. Back to the present,[63] Pryde used the genomic material in the ruins of Genosha to paradoxically give rise to the Threshold. In order to accomplish this, Psylocke psychically located the mutant time-traveler Cerebra.[64]

Following the disappearance of Rogue after an encounter with the parasitic Brood, the cosmic warrior Captain Marvel briefed the X-Men on the urgent situation. Determined to venture into outer space for the rescue mission, Captain Marvel gathered a team of mutants, among them Psylocke, who volunteered to retrieve the infected Rogue.[65] The pursuit led them to Ceia II, where the Brood trapped the heroes within a deceptive illusion.[66] Psylocke managed to dismantle the mental simulation guided by Gambit's insight.[67] During the mission, Captain Marvel psychically shared information with Psylocke about Sora, Psylocke's daughter from an alternate future timeline.[68] While successfully rescuing Rogue, the heroes were subdued by the Brood Empress, who intended to create an army of super-powered drones using Captain Marvel as a conduit.[69] During the battle, Psylocke sustained severe injuries inflicted by the Brood Empress which disrupted the telepathic support she had been providing to the team.[70] Captain Marvel launched a counter-attack to vanquish the villainess, with Psylocke advising caution and having Rogue stabilize the exceeding power levels back to safety during the ordeal.[71]

Avenging Krakoa[]

During the Hellfire Gala, the anti-mutant organization Orchis marred the celebration by massacring most of the X-Men and banishing the mutant population through teleportation. Additionally, they framed mutantkind for the incident, thus reinforcing physical and legal violations against mutants. Among the few mutants who managed to survive and go underground was Psylocke.[72] Orchis heinously designed concentration camps to detain mutants. Psylocke infiltrated the Henry Gyrich Center for Behavioral Studies to liberate captive mutants. Teaming up with the powerhouse M, she embarked on a brutal raid, during which they were enlisted by Captain America to join his new iteration of the Avengers Unity Squad. United by a common goal of targeting Orchis, aiding mutantkind, and avenging the fallen Krakoans, Psylocke joined the Avengers despite initial reservations about their differing methods. Their first mission involved them battling the new Mutant Liberation Front, led by the imposter Captain Krakoa, who reinforced Orchis' malicious narrative.[73] Meanwhile, at the Empire State University, Orchis plotted to deploy a nuclear weapon as the Avengers resisted their influence on society.[74] In a climactic showdown against the Mutant Liberation Front, the Avengers emerged victorious, quelling the threat of a nuclear detonation.[75]


Power Grid[85]
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Kwannon is a mutant originally gifted with low-level telepathic abilities.[29][16] Ever since having her body swapped with that of the powerful telepath Psylocke[3] and ultimately returning to her own,[11] she has displayed a vast array of powerful psychic abilities she tends to employ during fights.[5]

Telepathy and Empathy: Originally, Kwannon's powers manifested as a form of intuitive empathy, which allowed her to access the minds of others.[29] This granted her a reputation in Japan as a killer who could hear thoughts.[16] After having contact with the powerful telepath Betsy Braddock, Kwannon's telepathy developed significantly.[3][39] Psylocke displays telepathic abilities which enable her to read minds, communicate with others by broadcasting her thoughts psychically and other talents.[1][76]

  • Psychic Knife: After returning to her original body, Kwannon has adopted the most iconic manifestation of her predecessor's telepathic powers: the psychic knife. Described as the focused totality of her powers, Psylocke can concentrate psychic energy over her fists, manifesting a sharp dagger she plunges directly onto the skulls of her opponents. As an effect, such an aggressive telepathic attack can confuse, stun or even kill opponents.[11][5][1][77]
  • Psychic Katana: In Betsy Braddock's body, Kwannon physically manifested her telepathic powers as a blade, created as an ornate psionic katana. The blade could disrupt the autonomic nervous systems of other living beings, incapacitating them instantly.[32] Kwannon could also use her psychic katana to force her way into an opponent's mind and reveal any thoughts that were originally shielded from her telepathic powers, including those of other telepaths.[33]
  • Telepathic Detection: With her psionic senses, Psylocke can track other sentient beings by their psychic emanations. She did this to track Wolfsbane's killers.[39]

Telekinesis: On various occasions, Psylocke has demonstrated mid-level telekinesis, enabling her to levitate, move and manipulate objects and matter with her mind.[45][78]

  • Flight: Psylocke can use her psychic powers to levitate and even fly at higher speeds. She floats in the air when meditating[1] and once created a pair of psionic butterfly wings to fly a longer distance.[78]


Master Martial Artist: Psylocke is highly skilled in different ninja fighting techniques and other martial arts, including sword fighting. She was trained by the Hand from very tender age and worked as an assassin for years.[1][16] Her fighting abilities were further enhanced while she was under Lord Nyoirin's tutelage.[79][2][3]


Untrained Telepath: Being relatively untrained in the use of her telepathy, Psylocke rarely employs her abilities beyond generating psionic blades and unconsciously clouding the minds of others.[80][81]



Kwannon used to own Braddock's former indestructible armor crafted by Landau, Luckman & Lake.[32]


As an expert swordswoman, Psylocke owns at least a pair of Japanese traditional katanas.[34][3][5][1][16]



  • The name "Kwannon" (観音, in Kanji character) is an archaic transliteration of her namesake, the bodhisattva of mercy, which would be rendered as "Kan'non" in current Japanese, pronounced as [kanːoɴ].[82]
  • The name "Revanche" ([ɹəˈvɑ̃ʃ]) is not simply an alternate derivative of the word "revenge", but rather means a "policy designed to recover lost territory or status."[83] From French origin, it is pronounced as [ʁəˈvɑ̃ʃ] in French.
  • The name "Psylocke" ([ˈsaɪ.lɑːk] SEYE-lok) is assumed by some fans to be a wordplay with the words "psyche", "key" and "lock". As "psyche" is pronounced as "psy-key", "Psylocke" would be pronounced as "psy-lock".

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