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Quote1 I told you, don't call me Qweeg anymore. I like "Venture," that name that Spider-Man called me. Quote2
-- Venture src

Qweeg was one of the greatest hunters inhabiting the ruins of Nueva York. Receiving word of Miguel O'Hara's numerous exploits into his reality of Earth-TRN589, Kweeg set up camp at the location of his doorway. This paid off, as Roberta Mendez opened the portal and Qweeg leaped into Earth-616 and despite Roberta and Miguel battling him in their superhero guises as Captain America and Spider-Man, he escaped into the alternate past of New York.[2]

Awestruck, Qweeg stepped in front of a bus in Times Square. Regaining consciousness, he then shot the responding NYPD officers, as Captain America and Spider-Man rushed to the scene. A skirmish ensued, and they eventually defeated the cyborg only to be thwarted by the sudden arrival of Aisa and the forces of Fist, who distracted the heroes long enough to escape and recruit Qweeg into their terrorist organization.[1] Reflecting on his battle with Spider-Man, Qweeg decided take the nickname Spidey gave him as his alias: Venture.[3]

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