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The plot of this film is unknown.



Hōsei Komatsu as Frankenstein's Monster

Nachi Nozawa as Dr. Victor Frankenstein

Ichirō Nagai as Grandfather

Jouji Yanami as Inspector Belbo

Kei Tomiyama as Skel

Mami Koyama as Emily Frankenstein

Minori Matsushima as Elizabeth Frankenstein

Yoku Shioya as Phillip

Banjou Ginga as Detective 1

Kaneto Shiozawa as Detective 2

Kei Tomiyama as Sukeru

Keiko Yamamoto as Housekeeper

Makoto Terada as Dean


Greg Finley as Victor Frankenstein

Rebecca Forstadt as Emily

Dan Woren as Detective 1 and Mob 2

Joe Perry as Farmer Father, Mob 1, Sergeant and Wedding Guest 2

Louise Chamis as Emma

Michael Reynolds as Grandpa Frankenstein

Richard Epcar as Franken

Robert V. Barron as Detective 2, Mob 3, Wedding Guest 4 and Wedding Venue Worker

Steve Kramer as Chief Insp. Belbeau

Ted Lehmann as Chicken Farmer, Scientist and Wedding Guest 1

Tom Wyner as Zuckel

Tony Oliver as Phillip


Kyōfu Densetsu Kaiki! Frankenstein is a 1981 Japanese animated television film based on Mary Shelley's novel and the Marvel comic book Monster of Frankenstein. The film was dubbed into English and released in the U.S in 1984. The dubbed version never had an on-screen title but was advertised as both Monster of Frankenstein and Frankenstein: Legend of Terror.


A lot of online versions are 88 minutes long. People think this is because the film has been edited, but it's purely shorter due to the adverts being edited out.

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