The Kyle Gibney from the Mutant X universe was also in a regressed state, and he was also together with Sabretooth, only this version of Victor Creed was in a similar condition, just like Wolverine. All three had apparently been experimented on by the Weapon X program and emerged wild and feral. They formed up the "Pack", running around the Canadian wilderness and living on their own. At one point, though, they approached Havok's team, the Six, when they crash landed in the area and forced them into helping to uncover their origin. However, when they uncovered the Weapon X compound, the memories of what had been done to them proved to be too painful for them, driving them further over the edge. Taken into custody by Alpha Flight, all three were reprogrammed to become capable operatives of Department H, but eventually Wild Child ended up getting killed by Sabretooth when they worked on opposing sides during a mission.[citation needed]

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly those of his mainstream counterpart: Kyle Gibney (Earth-616)#Powers


Wild Child is an excellent and experienced hand to hand combatant, having received training from the likes of Wolverine and Sabretooth

Physical Strength

He can lift at least 2 tons



Adamantium Skeleton

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