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Kyle Jinadu is the husband of Northstar and the long-time PR rep for Team Northstar Extreme Snowsports.


Kyle Jinadu has been a trusted friend of Jeanne-Marie Beaubier for ages. Eventually, she asked him to become the public relations representative for Team Northstar Extreme Snowsports in hopes of keeping her brother, Northstar, out of trouble,[7][2] only to find out he would someday be her brother-in-law.[3]

Jean-Paul & Kyle together at Mt. Shasta.

Since they started dating, Kyle has continued to manage Jean-Paul's brand and coordinate shows, audio-visual, and personal relations. When Wolverine invited Northstar to join the X-Men and relocate to San Francisco, Kyle was supportive.[7] However, the long distance put a strain on their relationship. Following an overwhelming visit to Utopia, Kyle and Jean-Paul had to discuss how Kyle could never become a part of the superhero world. Thankfully, the couple decided to make some compromises for each other and stayed together.[2]

Northstar rescuing a brainwashed Kyle

While Northstar was impromptuly assisting Alpha Flight, Kyle was trying to get photos of him for a press release. Unfortunately, Kyle was part of a crowd that came under the mental control of the Purple Woman.[8] Not long after this incident, Kyle's apartment was attacked by Box robot drones, injuring and nearly killing Kyle. During surgery, Kyle's body was abducted by agents from Department H.[11] Under the direction of the Master of the World, Kyle's body was taken apart and rebuilt using Plodex technology.[12] As part of being rebuilt, Kyle was placed under some type of advanced effects of the Purple Woman, and used as a spokesmen against Northstar and Alpha Flight.[5] Kyle was eventually rescued and freed from the Purple Woman's influence, but not before fighting against Alpha Flight.[13]

The wedding of Jean-Paul & Kyle.

After trying making their long distance relationship work for too long, Kyle and Northstar finally moved into an apartment together in Hell's Kitchen while Northstar continued his work with Wolverine's X-Men.[10] As soon as they unpacked, Kyle was abducted by the Marauders and then mind-controlled by a psychically-infected Karma. Relieved that he was safe, Northstar proposed to Kyle.[14] One week later, they were married in Central Park with their friends and family in attendance.[15] Despite being legally married and Kyle being a U.S. citizen, I.C.E. began investigating Northstar in an attempt to deport him.[16][6][17]

After their wedding, the couple spent their honeymoon in Paris, France. Unfortunately, the Friends of Humanity began targeting human family members of mutants and attempted to assassinate Kyle. The X-Men and Northstar were able to thwart the attack, but it left Kyle shaken.[18]

During the "snowpocalypse" caused by Iceman,[19] Northstar and Kyle went to Canada to help their families and other Canadians.[20]

Kyle and Northstar were among the many guests invited to Deadpool and Shiklah's wedding reception.[21] As a couple, they attended Iceman's coming out/going away party (before he decided not to move to L.A.).[22] They also went to Iceman's surprise birthday party at Java A Go-Go.[23]

Settling in on Krakoa.

When the mutant nation of Krakoa was revealed to the world,[9] Kyle moved with Northstar to live in the Boneyard on Krakoa.[24] Because Jubilee wants Shogo to have some "positive human influences" in his life, Kyle is occasionally recruited to babysit him.[25]

Along with Northstar and the rest of X-Factor, Kyle attended the inaugural Hellfire Gala of the Krakoan era on Mykines.[26][27][28] At the Gala, Kyle chided Nightcrawler's procreative interpretation of Krakoa's first law for being too heteronormative.[29]

Kyle tried to comfort Tommy Shepherd, who hadn't left his mother's side since she was put in the Boneyard, but found a strange vegetation had engulfed her body. Neither knew what to do at this point; Tommy wished he could talk to Billy but he couldn't be reached.[30] The next day when he was returning from work he was taken hostage by Magneto as leverage to get the Avengers to leave. Northstar ordered them to comply saying none of them were were worth putting Kyle's life at risk but they were interrupted when the Scarlet Witch appeared seemingly alive and well.[31] The next day Jean-Paul woke him up revealing that his deceased foster daughter was going to be resurrected by the Five and they were going to be parents.[32]


Kyle is smart, supportive, and well-organized.[2] Kyle doesn't like violence and fighting.[2][4][18]


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  • Kyle is an accomplished businessman, event manager, and public relations representative.[2][33][18][25]
  • Kyle speaks fluent English, French, and Chinese.[7][33]


Declining Warbird's offer to learn how to fight.


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