Hawkmask was a member of the extra dimensional team known as the Supreme Seven. He crossed over into this world to destroy it in hopes of saving the Mergiverse.[1] Once they arrived, Hawkmask used his abilities to mask his teams presence from the Defenders prying eyes. The team landed on a nearby rooftop where Hyperbrand was going to transfer his powers into the building's infrastructure turning it into a massive energy construct that would disintegrate the entire planet.

But the plan was interrupted by the arrival of Arachknight who threw grenades at the team knocking them off balance. As Arachknight gained the upper-hand, Hawkmask ended up taking a more subtle approach and tossed a gas bomb at the hero which caused him to pass out. Hawkmask then journeyed into Arachknight's subconscious where he was surrounded by the multiple personalities housed within.

Kyle Remsen (Warp World) (Earth-616) from Secret Warps Arachknight Annual Vol 1 1 002

Hawkmask knocking out Arachknight as Goblin-by-Knight

As they tried to negotiate with him, Hawkmask transformed into Parker's worst nightmare, the Goblin-by-Night and started to pummel the personas into the ground. But the child aspect of him conjured up a concussion cannon and fired it at Hawkmask which blasted him out of Arachknight's mind. The rest of the team battled the Spider while Hawkmask tried to regain his composure but couldn't as the rest of the Defenders showed up to the scene.

By then Hyperbrand was able to channel his energies and refocused it back at the Defenders blowing them away from his vicinity. But his powers were hijacked by Speed Weasel. Hawkmask and the other Supreme Seven members explained to the Defenders that if that power wasn't used to destroy the planet the totality of all living things would implode through all time and space. But something entirely else had happened, their world ended up folding upon itself once again and merged everyone into more warped versions of their previous selves.[2]


Seemingly those of the Nighthawk of Earth-712 and those of the Nightmask of Earth-148611.


Seemingly those of the Knighthawk of Earth-712 and those of the Nightmask of Earth-148611.

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