Nighthawk was among the heroes at Mar-Vell's bedside when he was dying of cancer. But, influenced by the Many Angled Ones, Mar-Vell transmutated his closest allies and friends into nightmarish perversions of themselves. They then proceeded to enact the Necropsy ritual, which destroyed Death with the sacrifice of her avatar, ushering in the Many Angled Ones.

While the Cancerverse began to invade Earth-616, the Defenders encountered the Guardians of the Galaxy, who entered their universe in an attempt to stop the invasion. The latter attempted to stop their foes from raising the alarm, but they soon find out that the inhabitants of this parallel reality can't die. Nighthawk, in his nightmarish form with his fellow Defenders, tried reasoning that their gods have such wonderful gifts for their universe, before they were vaporized by Thanos, who, as an Avatar of Death, was the only one who could truly bring about permanent death.

  • Nighthawk was created as a pastiche of DC Comics' Batman.

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