Quote1.png We're the Defenders, Hawkeye. We will go anywhere we want. Quote2.png
-- Nighthawk


A member of the mediocre superhero team the Defenders, Nighthawk was proved useless in his first and only heroics involves leaping from the shadows at a group of petty criminals - only to break his ankle and be severely beaten.

After the events of Ultimatum, Nighthawk and the Defenders disappeared for weeks until they reappear with actual powers, attacking the Ultimates and stealing Thor's hammer.[2] It was revealed prior to Ultimatum that a then injured Nighthawk was talked into having himself and the Defenders gaining powers from Gunnar Golmen (actually Loki) by a desperate Valkyrie.[3]


After his deal with Loki, he apparently gained an armor equipped with various gadgets that enhanced his strength and durability to levels similar to those of Iron Man.[4]

  • Nighthawk was created as a pastiche of DC Comics' Batman.

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