As a young child, Kyllian's parents were killed by men working for Kranchuck over a debt. Kranchuck then took Kyllian and his sister Kate in, planning to use them as workers for his illegal drug operations. Kyllian became an enforcer for the group; Kate a prostitute in order to pay off her drug addiction.

Kyllian noticed tattoos appearing on his body and heard voices in his head. He was disgusted at how his sister was being treated and decided to confront Kranchuk and Hatcher. Kate was shot, and her death caused Kyllian's power to manifest.

The outburst drew the attention of Doctor Strange; After a confrontation determined that Kyllian was bound to the Danaan gods Morrigan, Cernunnos and Taranis. Kyllian attempted to make a bargain with them, asking that he remain in control. Strange offered to help Kyllian control his magic. He agreed but was frustrated at his lack of progress. The Olympian Bellona sought to manipulate him but was unsuccessful.

Impetuously examining an artifact, Kyllian was pulled into Iskelior's dimension. Strange went to assist him but had to return to Earth to guard it against an impending Lilin invasion. Thinking the realm would be safe, he asked Kyllian to stay there and seal the dimensional walls.

Under unknown circumstances, Kyllian "fell into oblivion" until he was found by Modred. His tattoos are now of animal forms rather than the elements.

Power Grid [2]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills
* Teleporter


Kyllian manifests various magical powers from his magical tattoos.


Kyllian experiences feedback from his tattoos depending on how much power is expended. The Danaan compel him to kill and increase their power.


flight and teleportation via magic


Oak Staff of the Druids


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