Quote1 Come on -- it's non-alcoholic magic mare's milk. Quote2
-- Kal Blackbane src



According to the White Room Kymellian Kal Blackbane, "one thousand warriors died to tame the Sun Mare."[3]

Known uses

Drinking its distilled milk is a rite of passage for brother warriors,[3]

Jonathan Storm (Earth-616) from FF Vol 1 17 0001

Johnny Storm after a shot of Kymel.

After defeating Johnny Storm at poker, Kal forced both him and his roommate Peter Parker to drink a glass of it. The former recklessly took the shot and threw up flames while Peter followed reluctantly, starting a crazy night in the streets of New York City.[3]

At least on Novahala, that beverage was also available in taverns,[2] and Kal intended to use it to cheer Gorgon, but was killed by the Snarks before.[1]


According to Johnny Storm, the Kymel is a non-alcoholic beverage, although it appears to be fairly strong and induce similar situations than alcohol.[3]

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