Kymellia III is the current homeworld of the alien race the Kymellians. As it's naming suggests, it's the third homeworld this race has inhabited, and the second that is actually a planet (Kymellia II was a space station).

Months after receiving their powers from Aelfyre Whitemane, Power Pack travel to Kymellia II, where they learn that most Kymellians thought poorly of Whitey's decision, and that their culture was under the influence of a ruthless Kymellian Technocrat. The Pack even had to fight the Kymellian champions, Force Four, a team of four Kymellian Sorcerers. The Pack defeated them, and then saved the Kymellians from the Zn'rx with Kofi's help. During these events, Ghostmare became The Matriarch, the Kymellians' spiritual leader, and established a new planet, Kymellia III.[1] The Technocrat later tried to regain control of his race; but failed, and the Kymellians continue peacefully on Kymellia III.

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