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After helping the past and present X-Men, Kymera decided to stay in the present to help them if any future problems were to ever return.[1] During her time with the present X-Men, Kymera became close to her mother of this time, Kymera also helped in defeating the future X-Men.[citation needed]


After using Shogo to help the X-Men, Kymera left the Jean Grey School, leaving behind a note to Storm explaining that she didn't find herself at the school. Her whereabouts are unknown, though she stated she wouldn't go far.[citation needed]

She reappeared in her own reality when the Shi'ar attacked. She was one of the many left on the ship when it was destroyed thus killing her.[2]



Enchanted Sense of smell: The reason she is an expert tracker is due to her ability to pick up any sense of the person she tracks.[citation needed]

Animal Empathy: Kymera can influence animal behaviors psionically, such as directing a hawk to swoop down and carry a child to safety.[citation needed]


Kymera is an expert hand-to-hand combatant and tracker.[citation needed]



Accompanied by a giant black panther with glowing marks and a falcon.[citation needed] She also carried a dagger.[citation needed]


  • It's very likely that Kymera could be Black Panther's daughter as evidenced by her panther mascot.[citation needed]


  • The glowing marks on Kymera's panther are similar to Citation.
  • Kymera mentioned in the letter she gave to Storm that she and her never got along; however, she also mentioned that they respected each other in her time.[citation needed]

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