Kyrie was the daughter of the Vanir known as Rane, the Reaver. Having harried all the lands he knew, he became a pirate on the Inland Sea, sailing with his daughter.

During one trip, Rane's ship was took by the White Mist and crashed into the shore of Bal-Sagoth, the Isle of the God.[1]


When Kyrie was found on the shore, she was believed to be Aala, the sea goddess of Bal-Sagoth, by the natives, as she had redhair like Aala.

Kyrie was worshiped as Aala, and learn to use that belief. Eventually, she banished the worship of Gol-Gorth, god of darkness, tried in vain to have his idol's destroyed, and came in conflict with his priest, the high priest Gothan. He had her exiled to the part of the island where resided Groth-Golka, the last Lizard-God, and those faithful to her slaughtered.


Despite being a Vanir and being herself worshiped as a goddess, she invoked Mitra.[1]

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