Dumped by his girlfriend Louise, René managed to assemble an army of rock creatures, and using them and a massive driller, digging under the city in order to destroy Paris, as an act of love. He also give to Louise a letter where he explained his plan, but she didn't believe it.

He was stopped by Les Heroes de Paris and the Thing, who discovered his grief and reason to try to destroy Paris, and was saved by them during the collapse following the destruction of his machine by the Thing, and Louise, coincidentally there where they emerged in Paris witness his acts, and bound back with him. He ask her in marriage right there and she accept.[1]

He was seen explaining himself, with Louise, to police officer, as the Heroes de Paris were leaving.


Massive driller

It is unknown if René took the mantle of l'Empereur du Monde Souterrain before being dumped by Louise or after, as the Heroes already known his name. He had possibly send his plans to more persons than only Louise, or she alerted the authorities, even if she didn't believe him to do it.

  • René seems to be kind of a French version of Harvey Elder, the Mole-Man.
  • His name means The Emperor of the Subterranean World.

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