L.L. Burbank is the foremost film director of the Squadron Supreme's world and the older brother of Emil Burbank, the villainous Master Menace. To his brother's chagrin, L.L. filmed the life story of his brother's arch-enemy, Hyperion when the Man of the Atom brought his Squadron allies and Earth-616's Thor to the movie set.[1]

L.L.'s Global Directorate

Years later, after the Squadron Supreme's Utopia Program failed and the team left Earth-712 for an extended period, L.L. forceably recruited Emil into the new Global Directorate. Patterned after his own directorial style, Burbank recruited fellow business leaders while incorporating the Squadron's Utopia devices and Emil's technological advances towards their goals of world domination. Equipping his legion of Blue Eagle armored warriors and foot soldiers, L.L. controlled his world with his allies until the Squadron returned to reclaim it with evidence proving the Directorate's regarding their manipulation of the media.[2][3]

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Force field belts, behavioral modification devices, weaponry

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