"Slaughter on the 23rd Floor!"

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Maximum Overload Ep

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Maximum Overload Ep. 2

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Maximum Overload Ep. 2

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"Slaughter on the 23rd Floor!"

Quote1 Pulse pounding! Senses shattered! Expletives deleted! Quote2
-- Stan Lee

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Synopsis for "Slaughter on the 23rd Floor!"

Some time after Spider-Man defeated the overloaded Dr. Octopus, a wave of more overloaded supervillains have wreaked havoc. Pleased with his work, Loki throws yet another Nornfrost snow ball into Midgard, this one headed for Venom. Loki sees Spider-Man swinging through Manhattan, and orders the Venom overload to attack him. Their fight leads them to crash into the Daily Bugle's offices. Spidey notices Venom's eyes are glowing the same way Doc Ock's were and wonders what the connection between the two are. As they fight, Stan Lee gets off the elevator with a desert cart. Spider-Man and Venom fight over who gets the last cheese danish, and they crash through the floor to where the Bugle's newspapers are printed. Spider-Man tricks Venom into getting caught in the printing machine by throwing the danish in, and Venom (and the danish) come out the other side of the machine stuck to the paper. Captain America, Wolverine, and Nick Fury soon arrive to take Venom to a jail cell on the Helicarrier.


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