"Operation Doofus Drop!"

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Maximum Overload Ep

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Maximum Overload Ep. 4

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Maximum Overload Ep. 4

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"Operation Doofus Drop!"

Quote1 Abomination! You're dumb and you're a thug. That's two strikes! Strike three? My fist against your skull! Quote2
-- The Hulk

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  • Iron Man's speedboat

Synopsis for "Operation Doofus Drop!"

Loki's portal to Midgard is broken. Not being patient enough to wait for his Chitauri servants to fix it, Loki peers into Midgard with his astral eyes. He sees Iron Man and Iron Fist on a speedboat looking for the Abomination, but before he can see any more an airplane flies through his vision. He looks back into Midgard, and sees the Abomination on top of the plane. Loki overloads the Abomination, causing him to attack the plane. Iron Man warns Iron Fist that they have to stop him soon or else the Hulk will show up and the two will "wreck stuff." As he says this, the Hulk - seemingly out of nowhere - jumps onto the top of the plane and confronts the Abomination. The two destroy the plane in their fight, as Iron Man and Iron Fist fly up and catch the passengers. Hulk and Abomination crash onto a nearby oil drilling platform and continue their fight. Iron Man drops Iron Fist onto the platform. The Abomination charges him, but Iron Fist throws him back with a charged punch; right into the Hulk, who bats the villain into the ocean with a steel girder. Iron Man puts the passengers down on the platform. Loki, seeing he overloaded the wrong gamma monster, plans to overload the Hulk, but the Hulk sees his astral eyes in the sky and punches them out. Although defeated, Loki plans his final scheme where he'll take over Asgard's throne.


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