Lyla was the personal holographic assistant of Miguel O'Hara. She assisted Miguel in figuring out and combating threats to the city and Alchemax; she also recorded his personal journal entries. In one instance, she plugged herself worldwide news network to access information and was overcome with "human emotion", resulting in a system failure.[1]. In the aftermath of her shutdown, Lyla began to act strangely. She calls Miguel and when he asks if his fiancé, Dana D'Angelo, called, she lies.[2]

She continued to feed Miguel misinformation, evading his questions to why. Her situation comes to a head when she traps Dana in the bathroom, attempting to kill her with scalding hot water and ordered security droids to kill Miguel as well.[3] Once Dana is rescued, Miguel manages to shut down Lyla and takes her to be repaired by his ex-girlfriend, Xina Kwan. According to Gabriel, Xina was the only person who could restore Lyla to her original programming. Miguel later discovers the city's computer systems were infected with a virus[4] and was the result of Lyla's abhorrent behavior.

  • Lyla's hologram was inspired by a Marilyn Monroe tattoo on Xina Kwan's stomach.[5]

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