Quote1 I'm a 22nd century Lyrate Life-Form Approximation. For my time period, I'm rather ordinary. But here, I'm beyond cutting edge. Quote2
-- Lyla src

Lyla is a LYrate Lifeform Approximation artificial intelligence from the 22nd century.[1] While Miguel O'Hara was time-displaced to 2013 A.D., he was able to contact Lyla and download her into his communication device. After Miguel's time machine was destroyed, the two were trapped in the past.[4]

Lyla was instrumental in extracting the date of The Fist's attack on New York City from Electro. She tricked him into believing that she joined him his crusade to start a robot revolution. The illusion ended when he revealed the date, after which Lyla and Miguel revealed he had been fooled and deactivated him.[5]

The two of them traveled to the day of The Fist released their virus, where Miguel helped thwart the attack. In retaliation, The Fist took control of the populous of New York through the Didjyman App. Lyla tracked the source of the signal to the Empire State Building, where Lyla hacked into Aisa's computers. After a conversion with Aisa where Lyla figured out Aisa's real name, prompting Aisa to reveal her backstory, Lyla blew up her computers. With 2099 restored, Miguel and Lyla were taken to Nueva York by Strange.[6]

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